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What is the QSL Card?

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A QSL card is not a verbal rather than a written confirmation of either a two-way radiocommunication between two amateur radio stations .

And often it works as a one-way reception of a signal from an AM radio, FM radio, television or shortwave broadcasting station.

A Q code message can stand for both a statement and a question.

If a code is followed by a question mark like ‘QSL?’ means “Do you confirm receipt of my transmission?”

On the contrary, ‘QSL’ without a question mark means “I do confirm receipt of your transmission.”

In the very first days of radio broadcasting, it was considered as a pride for the DXer’s who received distance signal into the radio set.

a radio listener who received a distance radio signal called DXer.

DXer/Listeners send mail “reception reports” to radio broadcasting stations in order to get a written letter from a distant station which is marked as an official verification that they had heard.

As the volume of reception reports made a growth, stations decided to take to sending postcards in which a brief form is contained that acknowledged reception.

Who uses QSL cards?

There are many people who send QSL cards. in spite of being not nearly as widely used, they are still considered as useful and also attractive to collect;

Radio amateurs: Many transmitting ham radio operators, particularly those using the HF bands send them regularly QSL cards.

Short wave listeners: Listeners often send QSL cards as well. They may send a card to a transmitting station to give a listener a report in the hope of receiving a card back.

Broadcast stations: Occasionally other stations may send QSL cards. Often short wave broadcast stations may send them to listeners who send in good reports.

To qualify for a QSL card, broadcast stations often require that the listener has listened to the station over a period of time.

Collecting QSL cards can be an interesting addition to the hobby of radio listeners.

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