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The Voice of Mongolia

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Voice of Mongolia is Mongolia’s only overseas broadcasting service.

The short-wave international broadcasting in Mongolia commenced in September 1964 with the station name Radio Ulaanbaatar and with half-hour transmission in the Mongolian and Chinese languages, beamed to China.

In the next few years, Mongolia’s international broadcasting expanded including broadcasts in the English, French and Russian languages.

At that time Mongolia was little known to the world and the foreign languages broadcasts of Mongolian Radio immediately caught the attention of international listeners who started sending letters and requests.

On January 1, 1989, the Japanese language broadcast launched at the request of listeners in Japan.

In 1972 Mongolian Radio became a member of the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU).

On January 1st, 1997 Radio Ulaanbaatar renamed The Voice of Mongolia.

The Voice of Mongolia broadcasts a total of 4 hours a day in 5 languages – Mongolian, English, Chinese, Russian and Japanese.

Presently, vom receives some 3 thousand letters from listeners in more than 40 countries.

Mission: The output of The Voice of Mongolia consists of various programs designed to provide information about Mongolia and the Mongolians, their history, traditions, and culture.

Voice of Mongolia FREQUENCY

Voice of Mongolia

The Voice of Mongolia’s broadcasts are transmitted directly from Khonkhor Transmitting Station,

about 25 km east of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia’s capital via 250 kW transmitters.

VoiceofMongolia in English is available on short wave (12085 and 12015 kHz,) and online at vom webpage

  • Contact Address: English section, The Voice of Mongolia, CPO box 365, Ulaanbaatar 13, Mongolia, E-mail: vom_en@yahoo.com

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