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Radio Vatican

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Radio Vatican is the official broadcasting service of the Vatican.

its programs are offered in 47 languages and are sent out on mediumwave, FM, short wave (also DRM), satellite, and the Internet. See details

at present over two hundred journalists located in 61 different countries are producing the programming.

Vatican Radio finances more than 42,000 hours of simultaneous broadcasting covering international news, religious ceremonies, in-depth programs, and music.

Radio Vatican has the institutional task to record, amplify and distribute the sound of all the Pope public activities.

How to listen

Vatican Radio broadcasts in numerous languages nearly 39 and around Rome and the Lazio Region.

Its programming inspires pilgrims and travelers to Rome from all over the world, providing them with news and information in their own languages. See details

Contact Address

  • Piazza Pia, 3, 00193 Roma RM, Italy
  • Phone:+39 080 6116 9475
  • E-mail:

*First Update 09 October 2019 and Last Update 09October 201

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