Radio Dabanga

Radio Dabanga

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Radio Dabanga is a shortwave radio station. Since December 1, 2008, It is the shortwave radio has been broadcasting. Current broadcasts last for a total of one hour each day.

It launched its journey as part of the Radio Darfur Network, a consortium of CSOs, media development organizations, and international NGOs which are aid related.

Radio Dabanga serves Sudan with daily news on the latest political, economic and social information, including health sectors and social awareness such as Lost and Found.

While its only broadcast on shortwave radio for the first few years, the station now has several channels which broadcast numerous program.

The editors have innovated and experimented in the sphere of new media, often at the request of their listeners.

How to listen

Radio, Satellite TV, Facebook, WhatsApp, and SoundCloud, Depending on the medium, Radio Dabanga produces news in Sudanese Arabic and/or English. See details

Radio Dabanga also produces news articles in Arabic and the English language which are published on the Arabic website, social media, and WhatsApp groups.

Contact Address

  • Darfur, Sudan.
  • Phone: +31 (0) 2 08 000 470
  • E-mail:

*First Update 11 October 2019 and Last Update 11 October 201

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