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Radio Ceylon- Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation

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Radio Ceylon is the oldest radio station in Asia. Started just 03 years after the BBC was launched, Colombo Radio was the first radio station in Asia.

The Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC) came into existence on 5 January 1967 when Radio Ceylon became a public corporation.

The history of Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation dates back to 120 years, when the first pre-cursor, “Colombo Radio”, was launched using a medium wave radio transmitter to power one-kilowatt output from Velikada, Colombo.

Program Channels (Radio Services) currently maintained by SLBC

At present, SLBC’s Islandwide (domestic) FM network broadcasts 6 regular program channels on a nationwide basis, and those 6 ‘national’ channels account for the major proportion of its domestic broadcasting. The 6 channels are,

  • Sinhala Swadeshiya Sevaya’ (Sinhala National Service)
  • Tamil National Service
  • English Service
  • City FM (Sinhala)
  • Velenda Sevaya’ (Sinhala Commercial Service), and
  • Thendral (Tamil Commercial Service). See details

Contact Address

  • SLBC, PO BOX.574, Colombo 07, Sri Lanka
  • Tel : +94 112 697 491 – 5 (5 lines)
  • E-mail:

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