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A shortwave radio service, Radio Canada International is the international broadcasting service of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Prior to 1970, RCI was known as the CBC International Service. The broadcasting service also previously referred to as the “Voice of Canada”

RCI June 2012, shortwave services were terminated and Radio Canada International became accessible exclusively via the Internet.

Radio Canada International delivers content Languages in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, and Spanish.

What is Radio Canada International

RCI is CBC/Radio-Canada’s multilingual service, providing audiences with an opportunity to discover and, above all, to understand and gain insight into the reality of Canadian society, along with its cultural and democratic values.

Radio Canada International is the web interface of Canada’s public broadcaster, forging bonds between Canadians and citizens of the world.

RCI targets audiences who know little to nothing about Canada, whether they live in Canada or abroad.

RCI is an interactive platform that offers citizens of the world a public forum where they can interact and exchange views about the compelling events taking place there every day.

Mobile Apps

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