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The People’s Republic of China Owens an international radio broadcaster named China Radio International (CRI).

Open your eyes to the real China. Cri is everything China-related from a Chinese perspective, its news, its people, its traditions and culture.

Baoshan area of Beijing’s Shijingshan District is the place of headquarter of Cri.

Chinese govt founded CRI on December 3, 1941, as Radio Peking. It later adopted the pinyin from Radio Beijing.

CRI has been merged to create the China Media Group after the first session of the 13th National People’s Congress in March 2018.

What is China Plus

It is China Plus which is CRI’s overseas all-in-one English-language media brand, combining such entities as the China Plus app and website, China Plus Radio and China Plus News (Facebook & Twitter).

China Plus Radio is CRI’s English-language broadcasting platform which provides global audiences with news, reports and feature programs with a distinctive Chinese flavor and an international perspective.

It also provides its global audience with various music programs and Chinese-language learning programs.

International Broadcasting

CRI broadcasts via shortwave radio, satellite and the Internet in English and numerous other languages.

China Radio International has 32 overseas correspondent bureaus and 6 main regional bureaus and broadcasts over 2,700 hours of programming each day (24 hours in English), including news, current affairs, and features on politics, the economy, culture, science, and technology.

Its overseas reporting involves 65 languages. More than 50 shortwave transmitters used as it covers most of the world; it is broadcast via the internet and numerous satellites, and its programs are rebroadcast by many local AM and FM radio stations worldwide.

CRI launches three new multilingual APPs

China Radio International(CRI) has launched three new multilingual aggregated mobile applications.

China News, China Radio and China TV will separately provide news, radio and TV content in several languages.

authority designed them to give audiences easier access to real life in China.

China News which is a multilingual news mobile app targeted at a global audience offers both domestic and international news stories through words, pictures, radio, and video.

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