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Bhutan BS- Bhutan Broadcasting Service

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Bhutan BS-Bhutan Broadcasting Service is the state-owned radio and television service in Bhutan. it was established in 1991.

A public service corporation is fully funded by the state and it is the only service to offer both radio and television to the kingdom and is the only television service to broadcast from inside the Bhutanese border.

Bhutan BS External Service broadcast programs in Sharchop, Lhotsham(Nepali), Dzongkha and English. See details

Bhutan Broadcasting Service external Service schedule (All times UTC)

Sharchop (Daily)

  • 01:00 – 04:00 UTC, 6035 kHz

English (Daily)

  • 10:00- 11:00 UTC, 6035 kHz
  • 11:00- 12:00 UTC, 6035 kHz

Lhotsham, Nepali (Daily)

  • 04:00 –08:00 UTC, 6030 kHz

Dzongkha (Daily)

  • 08:00 – 10:00 UTC, 6030 kHz

Contact Address

  • Bhutan Broadcasting Service, P.O. Box 101, Thimphu, Bhutan
  • Phone: +975-2-323216
  • E-mail:

*First Update 12 October 2019 and Last Update 12 October 201

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